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This is the start of Red Ribbon Week! Monday, tomorrow, is Wear Red Day and Tuesday is Crazy Tie Day. Student Council will be counting in classrooms for prizes. And…

4th-6th grade Red Ribbon Essays are due tomorrow, too. Don’t Forget… Jog-a-Thon pledges are due Wednesday to be eligible for Jog-a-Thon prizes!!

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Little Corona Restroom To Be Tweaked After City, Residents Meet

In a casual meeting at the Little Corona Restroom just above the state beach on Thursday morning, two city employees and City Councilwoman Nancy Gardner met with three Shore Cliffs neighbors to discuss concerns with the newly opened facility.
little c bathroom meeting
The biggest issue with the bathroom, which officially reopened on July 3, has been three exterior lights that direct intense light over the canyon into homes on the other side. Originally the lights had 26-watt bulbs that one neighbor said were like “helicopter search lights” beaming into his home; read the story here. The lights then were changed to 13-watt bulbs, but they still beam into homes and also blink throughout the night, a problem that workers blamed on electrical issues.

At the site meeting, neighbors suggested that the restrooms be locked at night when the beach closes at 10 p.m. However, Greg Cohrac, a public works inspector, said the idea was flawed because when public toilets are locked at night, the outside water fountains, plantings and sidewalks get used instead, leaving messes of human waste. Also, the building must have lights at night to make sure police are safe when they come to patrol the beach area, he said.

He did promise that city crews will be replacing the current lights with lights that will go under the building’s small eaves and point down instead of out over Buck Gully. That work should begin in a few weeks and also should take care of the flickering issues. He also said they would work on reducing the restroom’s interior lights, which are on a motion sensor, so they are less bright, as well.

Councilwoman Gardner said she would look into having city officials add landscaping to the front of the restroom, which would help to shield the building from homeowners.

Neighbors said they were pleased with the city’s response and were looking forward to seeing how the new lights looked when they were installed, probably next month.

The restroom project began late last year in order to enlarge the old facilities and bring them up to standards set by the Americans With Disabilities Act. The city was obligated to use the contractor with the lowest bid, but there were numerous problems and delays with construction and finally, city crews took over the project to finish it in time for the July 4 holiday weekend.

Read our original story here.

From the Police Log

Newport Beach police received several burglary reports today, including vehicles burglarized at 7:10 p.m. in the 1500 block of Sandcastle Drive, and at 3:47 and 5:47 p.m. in the 2100 block of East Coast Highway.

Officers also took a report on a residential burglary in the 2000 block of Ocean Boulevard at 9:33 p.m. Tuesday; police logs show crime scene investigators were on scene at 8:55 a.m. today.

Officers also made an arrest after a vehicle stop on Bayside Drive and East Coast Highway at 12:03 a.m. today.

Did You Miss the Midnight Premier of Half-Blood Prince? Our Summer Interns Have You Covered From Way, Way, Way Before the Start to the Bitter End

By Jessica Imani and Tara Armand, student interns

It was just 8 a.m., but hard-core Harry Potter fans already had begun setting up tables and tents outside Big Edwards Newport Cinemas to wait patiently (in some cases) for the big unveiling of the new Potter film. By the time we got there, the line had made its way down the sidewalk and continued to grow around the corning throughout the day and into the night.

second lastThroughout the day, wherever we looked (including whenever we looked at each other), we saw Harry Potter-based costumes varying from Harry to Dumbledore to Hagrid to Hedwig. Excitement grew among people all ages as midnight crept closer. To make the anticipation even more edgy, the sprinklers went off around nine p.m., soaking everyone and everything — bad planning. For the remaining three hours, all the fans, still wet, chanted and sung the famous theme song.

About 11:30, the line finally started moving and tickets were taken so seats could be snatched. Once inside the theater, a large group of teens inflated ridiculously large beach balls and set them loose, including the rest of the audience to hit them all over, driving the staff insane. The beach-ball bonanza came to a point when one of the workers more or less slaughtered the beach ball with scissors, and the same fate met any other inflated objects. After what seemed like forever, the lights dimmed and the movie started, causing the crowd to go wild.

In the end, in our opinions, the movie was decent, but, unfortunately, not as impressive as expected. We think the performance quality was higher than before, and the actors portrayed the characters brilliantly, bringing the audience into the moment. However, the material was not as thorough as we had hoped, for the plot was lost in unnecessary comedy. All in all, the sixth Harry Potter film was not worth the wait, but was quite entertaining and brought us an experience to remember.

Street Sign to Be Replaced

signThe Morning Canyon Road street sign over East Coast Highway will be repaired, Shore Cliffs management officials said on Wednesday. City employees ordered a new sign, but that will take some time, officials said. The sign was damaged earlier this week, but police had no reports or information about what caused the damage.

Muggles Stay Up Late To See “Half-Blood Prince”

Photos By Tara Armand, student intern

The latest Harry Potter movie was released in the wee hours of Wednesday — and fans of the boy wizard were lined up for hours to catch the sold-out midnight show at Fashion Island’s Big Edwards theater. Here are some photos of the crowds. All muggles? You be the judge.

cute couple
wizard in shorts
long ines
two wizard girls
draco late afternn
wand witch
late afternoon umbrellas


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